Audemars Piguet Flash Mob at TONY Award-winning Memphis

Huge fan of musical theatre and also of flash-mobs, but it’s very unusual to see an audience actually flash-mob the people who are actually on stage performing heh!!! Absolutely marvellous! Fellow West Enders, shall we target a West End musical ourselves?? hehe!!! 😛   On February 3rd, 2011, Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet invited over 1,100 […]

Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

Was packing ready for the big move down to Vauxhall in a few weeks (moving half of my stuff tomorrow), and a 90s dance tune came on to my Spotify, so naturally I thought a bit of ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ was in order! 😉 This is why I should *NEVER* be left […]

Karl Kennedy (Neighbours) getting down with his bad self!

Karl Kennedy, this is one of the MANY things that I love you for! 😛 (basic story is that Libby is trying to prove she can rebel after being told by Karl and Susan that she was always a goody-two-shoes growing up). Saw this last week and genuinely hadn’t laughed so much at the TV […]

Priscilla – Single Ladies

Below is a YouTube of the London Cast of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, parodying Beyoncé with their version of  Single Ladies (version is Liza Minelli, from SATC2). This was aired as part of the pre-show to the 2010 Tony Awards, which Beyoncé also attended! Fabulous darhlings!

Electric Hotel at Kings Cross

I really want to go and see Electric Hotel – would anybody else be interested? It’s running until the 19th June 2010. Electric Hotel is a uniquely designed outdoor spectacle, a fly-by-night hotel brought vividly to life through dance and sound by the team of David Rosenberg (director and co-founder of Shunt) and Frauke Requardt […]