We’re getting chickens!

Max has spent the weekend building the enclosure – the run etc. arrives on Tuesday with chickens by the weekend hopefully! Very excited!   

Dolly Parton: Together You And I

New Dolly Parton single posted as below – not quite up to her usual standard, in my opinion, but still a jolly lovely upbeat little song that had me bopping along! 😀

Dolly Parton – House Of The Rising Sun

This evening, I was randomly clicking through YouTube and ended up wading deep into some Dolly Parton clips. Her version / performance on the clip below (The House Of The Rising Sun) is awesome!!! How 80’s-Dolly-tastic! Just wanted to share! 😛

Dolly Parton – Travelin’ Thru

I absolutely love Dolly’s ‘Travelin’ Thru’ – it sounds especially fantastic through my surround sound system (the bass is awesome!). She does look a little plastic at times in this video though, bless her! (it’s the ‘wooo’s’ that do it I think) All in all, my favourite Dolly song I would say (closely followed by […]