Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

… just set this system up at home, and WOW! I  absolutely love it! Crystal clear sound quality that works really well within the dimensions of our apartment, a top-notch sub-woofer and a nifty button that lets me convert 2-channel output to the 5.1 set up. I’ve heard parts of songs, for example, that I’ve […]

UNIX time system reaches 1234567890 seconds old

Just a quick one to give a passing nod to the UNIX time system, which will ‘celebrate’ reaching 1234567890 seconds old on Friday 13th February 2009. Or, to re-phrase, at 23:31:30 GMT on 13/02/2009 it will be 1234567890 seconds since 00:00:00 GMT on 1/1/1970, which was the UNIX epoch. I hasten to add that it […]

Greasemonkey : Landmark Tracks – Last.Fm

Just came across a Greasemonkey script for Last.Fm which allows you to work out your Landmark scrobbled tracks. I must say, the whole Greasemonkey thing is relatively new to me – I’ve known about it and what it does etc for quite a while, however I’d not had chance to use it really! Since switching over to Mozilla’s […]