Final Fantasy XIII

Is it wrong of me to be considering buying a PS3 just so that I can play this game?! I’m a huge fan of the series, and this looks absolutely mind-blowingly awesome! have just started taking pre-orders for it, with a release date confirmed for Europe of 9 March 2010.

Windows 7

So, forget your Apple fanboys, I am proud to stand up with the growing masses and say that I am now a Windows fanboy! I recently installed Windows 7 Professional as my edition of Vista Home Premium was really starting to grind to a halt. Unlike many, I didn’t really have too many issues with […]

Countdown to Manchester Pride 2009 trip

As much as I usually enjoy my job, I really cannot wait for the opportunity to take some much earned time off and go back home to Manchester for Manchester Pride. So much so, that I have a countdown clock on my work computer’s desktop marking the (slowly) deminishing time between me and the end […]