X-FACTOR: Mary Byrne – I (Who Have Nothing)

So, once again the X-Factor has returned to our screens, and once again I’ve already picked my person that I think will be in the final few (and I’m nearly always right with my picks – and I only pick one!). Bit of a wild card choice, granted, but I am confident that Mary could […]

The Wanted

Featured in this month’s Attitude magazine (issue 194), I am absolutely loving The Wanted. Though they’re all very pretty, they’re all claiming to be straight (boo, no fun!) 😛 Familiar with a few of them already, so be great to see how this project works for them all. This is their debut single, All Time […]

Cheryl Cole – Parachute

Despite my initial dislike of the song (see my review of her album), I have done an about-turn on my original thoughts and now rather like this song! I maintain that I like it mainly due to the melody and fabulous orchestrations, but concede that this is actually a rather good song overall.

Top 10 Singles of 2009

The Official Charts Company have just released the ‘top 10’ singles of 2009 (based on units sold), which were as below: 1. Poker Face – Lady Gaga All together now…. “can’t read my, can’t read my, no you can’t read my Poker Face!” 2. I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas One of the best […]

Cheryl Cole – 3 Words (Album)

I make no bones about saying this, and it’s going to be unpopular with some readers I’m sure, but I really disliked the album (and it seems that most of the British newspaper reviews are with me on this). Having  loved ‘Fight For This Love’ and absolutely played it to death, the rest of the […]