Captain Planet – Live Action Film In Development!!!!

I am *very* excited to be able to share the news with ya’ll that Captain Planet is currently getting the green light to be made into a live action movie – here’s hoping that it goes all the way, I don’t see why it wouldn’t !! 😀 I am a huge fan of 80s and […]

Thundercats (2011 TV Series) – 9 minute preview!

So, I meant to post this one last week (as I’ve been following and posting about this since the news was first announced), but current events caught up with me and so I’m only just getting around to doing this now hehe! 🙂 OMG, OMG, OMFG-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!  AWESOME!!!!!! Roll on 29th July 2011 – the series […]

Thundercats [2011] – Trailer

OMG, OMG, OMFG-HOOOOOOOOO!!!! This looks absolutely FREAKIN amazing!!! I’m a child of the 80s and a massive Thundercats fan – I reckon that the trailer for this new series is abso-friggin-lutely totally SUPER AWESOME!!!!   EPIC GEEKGASMS!!! 😀 The series is going to screen on the Cartoon Network (YAY for my housemates, who recently got […]