2010 Whatsonstage.com Awards

Sunday 14th February 2010 marked the 10th anniversary of the Whatsonstage.com Awards, held each year to recognise the theatre-going audience’s favourite plays and musicals, both in the West End and out in the regions. This year, Greg and I decided to go along for the craic (plus we wanted to do something fun for Valentine’s) […]

Precious [2009]

Despite what you may think, ‘Precious’ is not really a film… there is no real entertainment/enjoyment to be taken from Claireece ‘Precious’ Jones’ story, and if you have plans on sitting there with your popcorn and soda and kicking back, you’d be very wrong to do so in my opinion. Precious is a roller-coaster ride […]

Fancy helping judge The Olivier Awards 2011?

Well, you potentially can! I stumbled across the below from the Society of London Theatres (SOLT), and thought I’d repost as it may be of special interest to those of you who very kindly visit this blog to read some of my theatre reviews/thoughts. Alas, I can’t enter it (darn my job!) but this really […]