A new Twinings advert – Go Your Own Way – March 2012

Following on from their previous (and very successful) ‘Wherever You Will Go’ advert, Twinings have recently released the next advert in the ‘Gets Back to You’ series, which is as below: A very different ‘feel’ of advert from the Charlotte Soraia ‘Wherever You Will Go’ one, and perhaps not packing as much of an impact, […]

New Twinings Tea Advert 2011 – Gets Back To You

An absolutely gorgeous ad for Twinings, and a great cover version of the The Calling’s song ‘Wherever You Will Go’ by Charlene Soraia (which, incidentally, can also be bought on iTunes). I LOVE the animation style/quality, and the vocal is sublime! The only downside – I am now really craving a cup of English Breakfast […]