I have a 3DS – and it is fricken awesome!!!!

Yesterday I did something that I am finding myself doing increasingly often these days – I made a completely random, but somewhat expensive, technology purchase! This time, it was the turn of the newly launched Nintendo 3DS, and I have to say, it’s turned out to be one of my favourite impulse buys to date! […]

Review: Gnomeo and Juliet [2011]

Despite being a 25-year-old chap, I have absolutely no reservations in saying right off the bat that I was VERY excited about going to see Gnomeo and Juliet! I’d been looking forward to it for months, I am also a massive Elton John fan, gnomes played a nice role in my childhood – my Nana’s […]

Stephen Fry’s 3D TV

… for disclaimer reasons, I should perhaps point out that SKY TV may also have had a hand in this. 😛 Gosh, I LOVE Mr Fry, lots! … and, as Stephen himself has sanctioned it, I now have a totally new philosophy on manners: “Sometimes rudeness is the only response that makes sense…. rudeness, and […]

Samsung 3D LED TV Advert

It’s only very occasionally that I do this, however I have to say, this advert is the absolute bees knees. I’m sure that I, like many people, have been excited for quite some time at the prospect of 3D TVs, though I do think that Samsung have really excelled themselves with this advert, one of […]

JLS 3D Video Preview

Following on from my post about Channel 4’s 3D TV Week, they have now released a preview of a JLS music video which will also be aired as part of the season. This is the first real preview of how it’s all going to look – if you’ve already got your glasses from Sainsbury’s, then […]