Next step in my Brain Cancer journey

A few weeks ago, I was at a routine appointment at The Christie, when my Consultant mentioned that in 2016 we’d be bumping the MRI scans down from three months to four months.

She also said that at 18 months “clear / with no residual sign” that I’m now out of the most likely of the relapse time-periods.

Before you get over-excited for me, I’m taking this with a pinch of salt – my tumour circumstances were”rare” (actual medical statement) and with me being me, I clearly don’t conform to the “norm”. Also we’re playing it safe – normally you’d only keep scanning someone for five years, and mine will continue for ten years. So a deminished risk of it coming back still exists – to be fair, the best that I can ever hope for is a “normal” chances of not getting it again – if you believe the papers, I’m sure you’ve seen how high those odds are for the general population anyway .

Being realistic has been what’s got me this far I believe and it’s an outlook that I’ll continue to hold, but I couldn’t let this little bit of news just slip by unshared. I know a lot of kind and lovely people have invested in my story over the years and I have a lot of people online to thank for keeping me smiling and getting me here!.

Everyone (especially Max) has been brilliant in 2015 supporting and facilitating my recovery to where I am now – medically not everything is perfect, it never will be, but I live with the genuine knowledge that it came close to being much worse. That’s motivation enough for me.

Merry Christmas x

Making snow angels in 3ft+ snow drifts on honeymoon with Max in Tromsø, Norway (December 2015)


About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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  1. Thanks for updating. I have a non-malignant tumour on the pituitary gland which has been giving me problems. Obviously yours is much more serious than mine and I have to back next year to check to see if has grown. I have to have hormones injections for the lack of testosterone. But I have been feeling better. Glad you are ‘stable’ if that’s the right word to use.

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      1. Nothing insensitive at all. The symptoms are tiredness at the moment. The consultant said if I had any problems with my vision or dizziness I had to go back to them asap. The next MRI is to see if it has grown. Hopefully it won’t and I will just be on these injections. I have faced any possibility of surgery of removing it in the future. It was just weird when I went to see the doctor who said he had a letter from the consultant. I though oh he will want another blood test or something. It took a few days to take it in but I am okay. Like yourself I have lovely friends who have been amazing and wonderful.

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