REVIEW: Cool Rider Live Album

First off, I should declare that I didn’t get to see the show itself – brain tumour and all that – so I was thrilled to learn about the album.

Recently, a successful Kickstarter campaign was held to raise the funds for this project.

The existence of the album itself is a fantastic triumph! I do think that more shows that are hesitant/can’t justify the expense to produce a OLC Recording should use this method to allow fans to get the recording that they really want! Fans are always happy to pay in advance for a recording – it’s a great way of giving something back to fans through additional rewards – and it shifts the issue of risk away from the producers. Win/win!

I’m a MASSIVE fan of Grease 2, and it’s been amazing to see that I’ve not been the only one out there all these lonely years!

The sound and feel of the recording is very ‘musical theatre’ and different to the movie version. It’s taking some doing for me to set aside the movie version, which I’ve obsessed over for like 15 years, but on the whole, I liked a few of the changes in music that have been introduced, though some of the tempo changes did wrong-foot me a little. The movie version on stage wouldn’t have worked, so it’s still great to hear some innovation, which I’m told was very well received by the theatre-attending public.

I don’t think that you can compare this to the original movie soundtrack. Listening to the recording, I’d go along to see the show were it ever to tour – admittedly mainly for nostalgia reasons and as nobody else has been brave enough to produce another version.

I don’t regret my purchase one bit, as it’s great to support the theatre industry – something which I feel is very important that we all do.

You can pick up your copy of Cool Rider Live from


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