REVIEW: Madama Butterfly 2014/2015 UK Tour (Ellen Kent)

Last night, I decided to dabble away from my usual interests rooted in musical theatre and plump for a night at the opera.

All that I can say is that I am a total convert, as I suspected that I would be after having the opportunity to see this production.

Being an arty type, I regularly can be found in a darkened room listening ignorantly to dramatic operas, but my attendance at The Opera House, Manchester last night was my first experience of ‘live’ opera and Puccini.

The production values were fantastic I thought, given that the staging is fairly static, and I have to give special mention to the lighting designer who accomplished a lot through clever and subtle lighting changes.

IMadama Butterfly 1 did have a quick look at the synopsis before we went to watch, which greatly aided my understanding of the production, though surtitles (above the stage) are available, for those able to see them – my neck is so sore this morning, and I was in row R of the stalls!

I thought this production was beautifully song, and staged, and I really enjoyed Elena Dee, appearing as Butterfly. Genuinely, I may well have wept at several points, I was especially pleased that Pinkerton got a big pantomime boo (followed by rapturous applause) at the curtain call.

I’d recommend this production for fans and newbies alike – a very successful introduction in to the world of opera – especially if you can catch something like this on the touring circuit, before investing mega-bucks to see a production in a dedicated opera house.

I currently have this on repeat 😉

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