HEALTH UPDATE: August 20 2014

Well, hello – it’s been a few months hasn’t it? (what do you mean it’s September at the end of next week?!)

Just wanted to do a quick update on where I’m at and to reach out and say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has been in contact etc.

Out of the loop? See The original posting that I made  regarding my Medullablastoma (brain cancer) diagnosis here:

Basically, current state of affairs is that I am working with a team of therapists (occupational, physio – to get my walking good again, and a speech therapist – as I have weaknesses on the side I was operated on).

Yesterday (Tuesday), I went to The Christie to have a 90 minute MRI of my brain and spine (unfortunately all my scans and treatments always take longer than everyone else’s).

We’re looking at MRI quite early, normally you’d wait three months from the end of radiotherapy, however, my cancer is rare in people my age, and there’s no data that proves chemotherapy is worth the while. As I’ve had a really rocky journey through surgery and radiotherapy, chemo is something my medical team and I are hoping to be able to avoid if this early MRI looks encouraging.

Photo on 20-08-2014 at 13.47 #2Apparently, the NHS thinks that I’m doing extremely well to be where I am at the moment, naturally, me being me, I genuinely expected to be back at work by now and having a ‘normal’ life – learnt to take each day as is comes, some days are good and I surprise myself by doing a previously impossible thing, other days are just ‘days’, and of course there are some rubbish days, normally when I’m tired and I either end up sleeping the day away (very frustrating) or things seem to be going backwards.

Support online has been phenomenal and genuinely touching, and I cannot sing Max’s praises loud enough – without him, I genuinely wouldn’t be here. Simply, I will never be able to repay the debt.

I’m currently in a weird middle ground as I mentioned above, not helped by having to wait for my hair to grow back post radiotherapy, and I hope to be able to start seeing ‘in real life’ friends and colleagues in the coming weeks and months – everything depends on nature from this point forward.

As always a huge thanks for your interest in my wellbeing, I’m genuinely more touched than I can convey!

I’m currently looking into charity fundraising, the problem is that:

a) I am not sure there is a specific charity that I want to fundraise for at the moment – the big cancer charities probably I won’t worry about, as they rake in thousands for general use, I’m much more interested in helping smaller, more bespoke charities.

b) I have only been able to locate one ‘walking’ event, which is probably about the extent of my ability, and it was 10k – probably too far for me (3 miles is about my limit at the moment).

Update:I’ve decided that I wish to fundraise for The Brain Tumour Charity.

Please, don’t wait until I snuff it to donate, chuck ’em a quid right now if you can 😉


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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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