New Hitman: Absolution – “Attack of the Saints” Trailer | SQUARE ENIX


… and not just any old nuns with bazookas… Square Enix  Bazooka Nuns!!! ^_^

I really like Square Enix and many of the games that they put out, and having just seen the “Attack of the Saints” trailer for Hitman: Absolution, I am already salivating over the graphics on this one, which Square Enix always manage to impress me with, if honest!

I won’t pretend to be a hard-core gamer or owt, or even be particularly familiar with the series, however on the strength of this trailer alone, I am suddenly VERY interested and may try to  give the original game a look in, though I note that it suffered poor reviews back in 2007. A lot of the comments already online seem very appreciative of the overhaul that the game appears to have had.

Below follows the post announcing the trailer on the official Square Enix blog:

New Hitman: Absolution “Attack of the Saints” Trailer | SQUARE ENIX.

It’s finally here, our brand new E3 trailer for Hitman: Absolution. “Attack of the Saints” sees Agent 47 holding up in a run-down motel room, treating his wounds. But his whereabouts are discovered and the silent assassin is soon interrupted by “The Saints”. The ICA clearly wants him dead but what happens next is clearly not what they had planned.

Oh, and here’s an awesome shot of what I’m terming as ‘the Bazooka Nuns’ – please note that it is a screen cap, so you can stop hitting the ‘play’ icon on the image now! 😉

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