SMASH – ‘A Thousand And One Nights’

OK, so I know that a lot of people are having trouble connecting with SMASH at the moment, but I still happen to love it to pieces – so NER 😛 hehe!!

I’m on the US Schedule, and in this week’s episode, there is a song called A Thousand And One Nights which happens to be one of the best things that I have seen on TV in YEARS! ^_^

It’s so camp, fun and will hopefully break up some of the more serious moments in the show for its detractors. There’s pretty much no point to the song, other than they’re in an Indian restaurant and Karen has two people fighting over her, which seems like the perfect excuse for a fab Bollywood number, especially with Bombay Dreams‘ Raza Jaffrey taking the lead with this one, before Katherine McPhee and co take over. That said, from my limited exposure to it, I believe a conflict for attentions style storyline is very much a typically explored Bollywood scenario? Plus, to be fair, this spontaneous random song thing happens all the time in my life anyway, so it’s not unusual to me, haha.

I defy you to get to the last chorus without singing and dancing along!

I found it to be very well staged from a visual and dance perspective, and felt that the song shows the absolute diversity of Shaiman and Whitman, with their ability to churn out great song after great song, even if it’s not a genre of music that you’d perhaps normally associate them with!

This video also features the Angel Orensanz Foundation building, the oldest synagogue in New York City – which looks GORGEOUS!

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