LIFE UPDATE: Friday 3rd February 2012

So… I thought it was time for a quick life update!

As everyone and his wife probably now knows, we’ve moved back to my home city of Manchester! 😀

We’ve got a gorgeous city centre flat, ten minutes walk away from my work, and opposite from where I used to live before I moved. Very very happy with it, and we’re already looking forward to having friends come to visit.

The past few weeks have been a pretty stressful slog, and it’s great to have come through it on the other side, and to finally be winding down and settling in.

It’s been great fun spending the GDP of a small African country at IKEA and John Lewis, getting all of the new stuff for the apartment, and I think we’ve ended up with it looking awesome! We even spent £80 as a ‘treat’ on an amazing/huge clock!

If you’re interested in seeing the new apartment, I shall be doing an updated ‘video walkthrough’ next week once I’ve got the internet at home to be able to upload the video.

Max really seems to be liking it up here, which is fab, and we’re both incredibly appreciative to anyone who has helped support us during this move, especially Andrew for driving us all over the country in just 24 hours.

I need to start off my CIMA studies again soon, so I’m currently looking at getting all of that scheduled in – again, dependant on the internet at home (I still can’t believe how long it takes to get connected up in this day and age!). Once I complete this first stage (equivalent to a degree), you’ll all totally have to address me as Mr. Gari Davies (CIMA CBA). I will INSIST upon the designatory letters being used! 😉 haha!

I’m off work on Monday coming, and I also have a whole week of from Monday 20th February – can’t wait, will be an awesome chance to crash out. If anyone’s about and fancies catching up (or wants to visit already), please drop me an email!

Speaking of work, it is insane just how little has changed since I was last working out of the Manchester office properly – bar a few people changing hair colour/style, it is all exactly the same! It is totally eerie! Very bizarre when you’re talking to someone and continuing conversations from 2007 ha!

Right, enough from me – I’m about on Facebook and Twitter a fair bit at the moment, as I’m forced to cane my 3G mobile internet (constantly with me!) until I get sorted at home and can go back to my iMac, so go on, hit me up folks 🙂

Thanks for taking an interest!


About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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