Les Livres et Les Tasses – my new name for Les Mis!

*If you are after my review of Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas, currently starring in Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre, London, please click here, thanks!*

On Saturday, Max and I decided to try for some of the on-the-day £10 standing tickets to see Les Misérables – largely because I was, as always, in dire need of yet more musical theatre action, and also as, to my horror, Max hadn’t already seen the show, nor even heard most of it before! *shock!! :o*

Now, I know what you’re thinking – standing for 3 hours, after queuing outside on the rain for an hour, sounds abysmal, right?! Well actually, it’s rather fab! We didn’t get any kind of leg-ache and it was great to be able to get in and out of the House at the end of both Acts, without having to fight our way out of seats! It makes SUCH a difference to the experience!

We were at the back of the Dress, and I’d recommend Standing to anyone who fancies seeing the show, (well, provided they’re not 100 years old or similar 😛!) but who perhaps find the pricing a little out of their reach. Similarly, if you, like me, like to sing and dance along to some of the less ‘deathy’ songs, then this is PERFECT! 😛

After the show, I was VERY lucky to have randomly had an invite to pop backstage for a very quick tour of the stage area. Having done this a few times in other theatres, I jumped at the opportunity, despite being a little nervous, as I always am, and before I knew it, I was donning a security pass and being signed in at stage door at the iconic Queen’s Theatre! *squee!*. (totally can’t believe my name is on the sign-in sheet forever-more hehe!)

It is perhaps one of the absolute highlights of my life that I can now say that I have been on the World famous revolve!!! (yes, it’s the simple things… heh!). Seriously, I am still SO excited that I had a spin on it hehe, thankfully I managed to contain my excitement until we were well clear of the theatre – Max bore the brunt of most of my excitement on the way home! (much less smutty than that seems to sound, heh!!).

Out of politeness, I (naturally) refrained from attempting to sing whilst on the stage… though before I die, I am determined to find someone with access to a West End theatre stage who is a tone-deaf and will let me murder some classics on it whilst they remain oblivious hehe!

We also got to check out some of the props, and so, for the benefit those Anglophiles who insist on calling ‘Les Mis’ the proverbial “Les Miserables” [pronounced as:lez mizerables] hehe – ‘Les Livres et Les Tasses’ is “The Books and Mugs” – so dubbed by myself as this  sums up nearly all of the production’s props it seems!! (used in ‘Master of the House’). Amazing how much they do, and with the wing space that they have!

I EVEN managed to exercise restraint, and didn’t sign any random programmes on the way out of the stage door once we were finished up, hehe! You may think this is an odd thing for me to say, however you would not believe how many times that I have been asked by people to sign their programmes before whilst tumbling out of the back of several theatres in the past, and of course, I am never one to disappoint people hehe!!! 😉

I cannot thank the person who arranged for me to go backstage enough for their generosity and kindness, it was genuinely thrilling, and both Max and I were buzzing afterwards! 😀

All in all, I had a fantastic time on Saturday, and this blog serves more as a reminder of a life-time memory for me, and hopefully incentivises more people to consider standing at Les Mis so that perhaps an even broader/younger audience start to come through; and also that this option may appeal to people who perhaps do not want to chance the show at top prices of £85-65, but instead would be prepared to give it a go for a tenner, and no doubt will subsequently find that they love it! 😀

NB: £10 Standing tickets are only available from the theatre on the day of the performance, to personal callers at the Box Office – and are subject to limited availability. Standard priced seating tickets can be purchased in advance via http://www.lesmis.com.

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