Patrick Wolf – Lupercalia

Fans of Patrick Wolf (I love him MUCHLY – he’s one of my all time top artists according to, may be very interested to hear that his latest album, Lupercalia (out to buy next week) is now available to listen via webstream, and for free! 😀

Just check out the link below to listen to the album:
Listen online for free / in advance – Patrick Wolf | Lupercalia

There seems to be some fairly mixed opinion about the album from fans (with some thinking he’s gone a little too commercial / mellow, and others saying it’s his best work to date), however, I have to say that I really like elements of it… we’ve had Patrick being dark and broody (still arguably what he does best), and we’ve seen him be playful, but this album is (surprisingly?!) fresh in feel, light in sound, simplistic in imagery, awesomely loved up, jolly optimistic, and, all in all, a great summer release in my opinion!

If I am honest, I don’t think that it’s his best, which seems to be contrary to the message being peddled in all of the media at the moment (the rawness of The Bachelor made for outstanding material I thought), however, I do like that Patrick wears his heart on his sleeve when he writes, and I adore how personal his music always feels. This album doesn’t need to best, it simply needs to continue his story, which it definitely does. It’s nice to see that he (finally!) appears to be in such a positive, nice, mellow and fluffly place at the moment, to be honest! 😀

Playing Devil’s advocate, it would, however, have been great to see what would have been had this album turned out to be The Conqueror (as intended – the follow-up to his 2009 album, The Bachelor – itself, part of a double album intended to be released in two stages, called Battle), I do hope that any songs that were written for The Conqueror but subsequently shelved as they weren’t right for Lupercalia do make an appearance at some point. Although conceptually The Conqueror was to be fairly similar in theme to Lupercalia, one does miss the Tilda Swinton bits and folklore which Patrick conjures up so well in The Bachelor. It would be great to see Battle completed one day!!

I’m even more excited at present, as I booked front row seated tickets this morning for Max and I to see the last night of his Lupercalia tour at London’s Roundhouse (being billed as a ‘grandiose performance’), and Patrick himself has this to say about the show:

“…after the party of festival season,
I want the Lupercalia Tour to be at the mercy of cupids arrows, that anyone
who comes to the show will fall in love or fall deeper in love with their lovers.
For domino dancers and hardcore romantics, a celebration of love and life”

Personally, I cannot wait – his live appearances are always stunning / leave me bouncing off the walls for weeks, and really do stick in my mind! 😀

Love to hear what others think of the album, I am still crazy about The City, or from others who are going to the Roundhouse on 4th November!

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