I saw the Queen!

The Queen made a visit to open the brand new KPMG building in Canary Wharf earlier on today, and, thanks to my getting rather lost in the vast and complex catacombs of underground shopping malls at the Wharf, I happened to stumble out right outside the KPMG building just as she was going in. Being a good citizen, I waited outside for her in the freezing winds for a whole 45 minutes until Her Maj came back out and gave us all a little smile and a wave 😀

T’was all rather surreal if I am honest, but it was rather bolstering to see such a good display of patriotism (and it being for all the right reasons!) – was rather funny to watch as she looked quite grumpy whilst getting ready to go into the car, and then, as if someone had switched on a light switch, she suddenly became aware of the hundred or so people outside and did the whole wave/smile thing.

I posted the below to twitter, and the response from @ElphaBob made me chuckle something rotten, so I figured that I’d share heh!



Via YouTube, I have also found this video of the Queen’s entrance to the building:

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