HAIR (West End) to close on 4th September 2010

Incredibly gutted to hear this news – HAIR was the best thing to hit the West End in years in my opinion and a show that I blogged about and love(d) A LOT!

Please click here to read my review of the show, which has proven quite popular in recent weeks.

This song from the show (though admittedly I prefer the 2009 OBC recording) has a lyric that resonates with my thoughts at the moment:

How dare they try to end this beauty, how dare they try to end this beauty.

In my opinion, I reckon that some of the problems with this production seem to have been the restrictively high seating charges, what seems to be an unwillingness to embrace an online/youth-friendly online pricing structure (though tkts have been discounting same-day tickets pretty much since day one); which in turn seems to have led to half empty houses after the initial excitement had died down (certainly when I’ve been), and a really unforgivable lack of marketing for the show.

Admittedly, aiming your pricing at a younger audience isn’t going to sustain a show, of course not, however I feel that a midweek pricing model could have helped enhance the show’s wider audience base and brought in more money for the show and helped get more bums on seats.

Such a shame – I don’t think any other show closing has upset me so much!

Really hoping to get to see it as many times as possible before it goes, if anyone wants to go on a night where it’s not £65 to sit in a seat without restricted view, do please get in touch!! Pleased that at least we have several months to get to see it before it goes.

Thanks to folk on twitter for highlighting, and to some of the various West End Wendys that I know for confirming.

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7 Responses

  1. Melanie Nisbett

    I too was absolutely gutted and quite frankly astonished to hear that Hair was closing in September due to poor ticket sales.

    I saw it by chance on Broadway on a trip to New York for my 40th birthday and was blown away. Best musical I’d ever seen and the cast is amazing inspiring and unbelievably authentic. Quite embarrassed that they haven’t been given the reception/publicity that this Tony Award winning production so rightly deserves.

    Was planning to try and get tickets later in the year to see it again in London (I live in Manchester) but obviously we’ll have to get our skates on now and move it forward. Please can you let me know how we can get decent seats at a decent price. (Saw it for £50 on Broadway by queuing in Times Square!).


  2. Rikki baker

    Hi I totally agree with ur blog! I’m 19 years old and love hair. Been brought up with it. Hopefully seeing it for the third time on Thursday. Because of the price I haven’t been able to see it more which is a real Shame

    Do u no any where I can get discount stall tickets ?



  3. Rikki baker

    Me again as a the dedicated fan that you are I was thinking do u know what the cast are
    Doing after the final performance. I could imagine they are going to want to celebrate and let of some much needed steam somewhere in town. I would love to be there too! 🙂


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