I have decided that I want to start a new series of posts for this blog, entitled Marvelous Musicals – the aim of which will be to make frequent short posts relating to a musical that I like, to provide a bit of a synopsis, recommendation and of course, some musical highlights from the show/score itself.

There are so many musicals out there, that often certain ones get over-looked, so I will try to focus on a few of the lesser known ones in addition to some of the ones that everyone has heard of.

Today, I thought that I would kick off with Taboo (oft referred to as ‘that Boy George musical’).


The show is based partly on the New Romantic scene of the 1980s. At its core is the life and career of colourful popstar Boy George, who rose to global prominence in the early 1980s with his band Culture Club and his contemporaries, including the performance artist and club promoter Leigh Bowery, the pop singer Marilyn, ‘Blitz’ nightclub host Steve Strange (later of the electro-pop group Visage), and Philip Salon, Punk groupie and Mud Club promoter.

Production Photographs:

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Fab Songs:

Il Adore:

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

Independent Woman:

Safe In The City:

Stranger In This World:

Out Of Fashion:

Touched By The Hand Of Cool:

Gari’s Thoughts:

Despite this show getting an absolute slamming from critics across the pond on Broadway – but yet still got several Tony nominations –  (and mixed reviews here on the West End/UK tour), I actually really do love this raw and touching musical – there are just so many good songs in it for a start (which I listen to constantly, even to this day), plus it starred Luke Evans (yum), Lyn Paul, Hannah Jane Fox, John Partridge, Matt Lucas and the amazing Euan Morton (who had a very authentic youthful Boy George look/voice to him!).

I, for one, would really welcome a return of Taboo (albeit to a more suited off-West End venue), though with Boy George’s recent antics, I very much doubt that this would ever come to fruition – alas, I fear that we’ve seen the absolute last of this musical.

For those interested, there is an official DVD of the production, currently available from outlets such as

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  1. i totally dig your new idea of featuring musicals you like, that may not be that well known. it’s so true, there are so many musicals out there in the world, that sometimes the really great and unique ones get overlooked. you should check out the MTI Marquee Blog over at they do a similar thing of featuring different shows. best of luck!


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