REVIEW: Avenue Q, London

I am slightly mortified to find that I cannot find my original review for Avenue Q, which I wrote for the show’s producers back when Avenue Q originally opened in the West End.

Suffice as to say, it was absolutely marvellous then, and it was just as marvellous last night when I took Greg to visit for his first time (my third, and hopefully not our last, as DelMac have just announced that it will transfer to the Wyndham’s Theatre from 19th March 2010 – hurrah for the last minute reprive!). In fact, Greg  was so new to the notion of Avenue Q that he hadn’t even heard the song ‘The Internet Is For Porn’ before! 😮

Avenue Q succeeds by being both witty and original, and really creating a brand new genre of musical theatre, and so I am sure that the closure of the West End run will spawn off a UK tour fairly soon afterwards!

All of the jokes still remained fresh, and we were lucky to get a very receptive audience for our show, which really helped the performance come alive. Although it’s been running several years now, I still found it to be as fresh as the first time that I saw it.

We were sat in row C of the stalls, and so had a fantastic view of everything and it meant that Greg could oggle Daniel Boys from up close hah! (I was much more interested in Tom Parsons!)

Speaking of Daniel Boys, the current cast are really really good. Daniel Boys excels in the role, and I was absolutely thrilled to see Joanna Ampil was in the show as Christmas Eve. For those unaware of who Joanna is, to me it was about as perverse as seeing Dame Judi playing the character of Lucy The Slut ha! Joanna has an amazing voice and usually does awesome things in productions such as Miss Saigon, and so to see her in something so light-hearted and funny as Avenue Q was great!

The performer of the night though had to be Cassidy Janson. I’d seen Cassidy in Wicked a few years earlier, so I knew that she could really sing, but again, it was great to see a fresh new dynamic to her.  Whilst singing ‘There’s A Fine, Fine Line”, Cassidy even managed to pull off a few tears, now that’s some hardcore acting (especially when only the people in the front few rows would notice).

So yup, a marvellously funny night, both Greg and I were in absolute hysterics! If you have chance to go and see this before it closes, I implore you to go!! Ticket prices have recently been reduced (top price tickets have  historically been £60 and are now just under £40), so there’s never been a better time to go!

For those wanting to see Daniel Boys, you need to be quick as he leaves at the end of the month!

One thing that I’ve always said, and noticed even more last night, are the similarities between my partner, Greg, and Daniel Boys! Greg refuses to accept this… but I’ll let you decide for yourselves! 😉  (please vote in my poll below!)

I thought that I’d finish the post by linking to a few of my favourite songs 🙂

AVENUE Q on Spotify

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