Wedding Entrance, Divorce Entrance

Given that the JK Wedding Entrance YouTube clip has already attracted a colossal 40 million views on YouTube, I am guessing that many people have already seen this slightly tacky, but sweet, wedding clip!

I say that it’s tacky, but if Greg and I were ever to get hitched, the theme would HAVE to be musical theatre and so may contain a music piece – I am thinking along the lines of Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge, hah!

The couple behind the video have chosen to support a charity that supports those affected by domestic abuse… all great and good, however  it’s just very very unfortunate that they are dancing along to a song by (the awful) Chris Brown 😛

… followed shortly by the (spoofed) Divorce Entrance

The divorce dance caused a lot of confusion online, as they use the same people as were in the Wedding crowd. The actuality of it is that the fame no doubt went to their heads a little, some production company went *ka-ching!*, they did a parody of themselves, and posted it online! 😉

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