Party Monster [2003]

I have just realised, I have never blogged about one of my favourite movies of all time, Party Monster!

Party Monster is a 2003 American/Dutch crime/drama film that details the rise and fall of infamous New York party promoter Michael Alig. The movie stars Macaulay Culkin as the drug-addled “King of the Club Kids.” Also in the film are Seth Green as the flamboyant and slightly smarter James St. James, Dylan McDermott as Alig’s boss/father figure Peter Gatien, Chloë Sevigny as Alig’s girlfriend/fag hag Gitsie, Wilmer Valderrama as his onetime boyfriend DJ Keoki, Wilson Cruz as drug dealer/Club Kid wannabe Angel Melendez, and Marilyn Manson as Christina, a transsexual member of Alig’s entourage. A number of real life club kids appeared as extras, including fashion designer Richie Rich and David LaChapelle’s transsexual muse Amanda Lepore.

The film is based on St. James’ memoir “Disco Bloodbath“, and details his friendship with Alig, which fell apart as Alig’s drug addiction worsened, and ended after he murdered Melendez and went to prison. A 1998 documentary on the murder, also called Party Monster: The Shockumentary, was used for certain elements of the film.

Party Monster made its world premiere at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival on January 15, 2003. Months later, it was put on limited release to different art-house theaters.

I saw this film several times at the Manchester Printworks as part of a LGBT film festival back in 2003, and I absolutely loved it! I think the movie was ‘right place, right time’ for me, and so it quickly became a firm favourite. I especially like the film soundtrack which I would say ranks in my top 3 movie soundtracks of all time [Nina Hagen’s New York New York is fabulous!]. Electro-synth music FTW!

It’s probably not for everyone, and is at times a little random, however the film is now starting to gain cult status as people become more aware of it, which I think is fab. Now, can someone organise a club-kids themed night in London please? (without all the drugs of course!) I’d love to go out dressed as a Party Monster club-kid heh.

The book “Disco Bloodbath” (now published as “Party Monster”) makes for an entertaining read, well worth it if you can manage to source a reasonably priced copy.

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour!

A rather strange, but fabulous, Nina Hagen in 1983 with ‘New York  New York’:

Stacey Q’s “Two Of Hearts” from 1986 is equally as fab!

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