Chaz Knapp and Fifty People One Question – LIVE!

It was only the other day that I was – once again – professing my love for the Deltree/Crush+Lovely series of videos “Fifty People One Question”.

This morning I came across new footage of Chaz Knapp and the Sam and Jack Craft (who provide the music to my favourite short… ‘London’) playing along live whilst the London clip played behind them.

For anyone intersted in Chaz Knapp’s fantastic music, it can currently be obtained via free download from his artist page.

I only wish that I lived in the States, I would have loved to have been there!!

Chaz Knapp with the Sam and Jack Craft performing 50 People 1 Question: London at the CAC in New Orleans, LA.

I first watched the London clip after a long, depressing and stressful day, at 2am and in the dark – it spoke volumes to me and really touched me, especially as I walk past the spot where they filmed this twice a day. Simply put, it is one of the best things that I have seen online.

Thus it was especially great to see the audience reaction as a whole to the clips and to see that my reactions were the same as everyone elses – I imagine the feeling in that screening room was electric!

I know that the clip itself is a little hard to make out on this YouTube clip, so have also included the full London movie below:

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