Aaron Johnson

Having read the announcement that Sam Taylor-Wood was to marry a 19-year-old actor, I, like many others no doubt, raised my eyebrows to a rather discerning height.

However, I have just placed who Aaron Johnson (for that is his name) actually is and where I’ve seen him from! He was ‘Owen’ in Nearly Famous! (amongst other roles which people will know him far better for).

I had the biggest crush on him back in Autumn 2007 when Nearly Famous aired on E4, and have recently been re-watching the episodes (and pausing at all the topless bits heh!!).

I love the music sequences, especially ‘What A Feeling’ (at 38 secs):

If you’re interested in watching the series, you can do so on YouTube via 4OD – I really recommend it – it’s only 6 episodes long, but I know that those with an interest in stage schools especially will probably enjoy it, as will Aaron fans, as he is the lead character! 😀

So now, I am even more mortified at this news of marriage!

I am not going to pretend to understand how the relationship works, that’s not really my business I guess – I’m sure many people wouldn’t fully understand Greg and I, which I accept. If it makes them both happy, then good for them – I’m not averse to the idea, just slightly surprised. Ultimately, as long as he is allowed to get his kit off with the same frequency as a quick Google Images search seems to suggest, I’m happy! 😉

What’s that you say? You want to see proof of those images? 😛









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16 Responses

  1. kristen

    i love arron johson he is so fucking fit i wont him i saw a film wen he was young still fit
    (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L) = love hearts just for arron no 1 else i love him more thn u lot do he is mine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. molly

    aaron is fiiiiiine i absolutely love the eye color actually i know i do because its the same color as mine me and my friends all think he’s so sexy and his british accent adds to it. all i want to do when i see him on tv is move to britian to find a british guy for me!!!


  3. lenny

    Aaron is sooooo hot!
    me and my bessies were searching him on google images in DT we nearly got a detention!sir went mental he said we shouldnt be lokking at that kind of stuff at our age we i was like hes my hussie he belived me…NOT any way AARON I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH I HAVE POSTERS OF YOU AND WALLPAPERS ON MY PHONE IF I MET YOU ID GET YOU TO SIGHN A T SHIRT AND I WOULD WEAR IT EVERY DAY!!!THANKS FOR BEING ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!;D


  4. holy shit,
    dear aaron, fuck the old woman
    and come to me! it’ll be a fresh new,
    young start. all fans say aww there soo cute
    but they’re all thinking the same thing,
    oh farc of and find a man your age bitch !
    hehehe get in me beeelly aaron ❤ 🙂


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