Robbie Williams – BBC Electric Proms and new album

Having previously blogged about the build up to the performance, I’ve just caught up with the BBC Electric Proms and had chance to see Robbie’s performance, having only had opportunity to listen to the audio via Radio One during the week.

I do wish that he’d stop lauding this ‘it’s been three years since I last gigged’ fact… it makes me feel really old, as I can still remember all the work that we put into his last tour as if it were only yesterday heh!!

The Electric Proms performance at Camden Roundhouse was absolutely fabulous I though!

I’m a fan of the Electric Proms themselves, I tend to love any album or concert that weaves orchestras into popular music (such as Metallica’s S&M gig), and Robbie’s music was rife for such treatment, especially as there seems to be a lot of orchestration in his new album (yay!).

For me, the highlight of the entire gig was when he performed ‘We Know You‘, which will be the second song from his new album, and will be released on December 14th 2009.

The sound on this track is gorgeous! I love the lazy, classical, sweeping refrains/sound to the track, and I have a feeling that I will rate this of one of his best tracks given a few more listens.

Hopefully, that won’t be the kiss-of-death for the track, as I tend to get really passionate about the Robbie tracks (and performances) that fall by the wayside somewhat! (Note, this does not include the RudeBox album… that fell by the wayside all on its own!!).

A few of the other new tracks previewed are as below:

For people in the UK, there are currently plenty of ways to catch up on the performance:

  • Hit the Red button on Freeview (from BBC channels) – or go directly to channel 301 – the gig is on a constant loop.
  • BBC iPlayer also carries the audio from Radio One – which gives an unedited version of the gig (the visual was edited slightly – a lot of the  ad-lib stuff (that was rather endearing to Robbie) was cut out unfortunately).

As a side note, this gig has also been screened in cinemas in several different countries, and has earned this performance the official Guinness World Record for “most cinematic screenings of a live concert” – not bad when you consider that the last Take That concert was made available to people via Vue Cinema screens too!

The track listing for ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’ will be as below:

# Title Length
1. “Morning Sun” 4:05
2. “Bodies” 4:01
3. “You Know Me” 4:27
4. “Blasphemy” 4:18
5. “Do You Mind?” 4:06
6. “Last Days of Disco” 4:50
7. “Somewhere” 1:01
8. “Deceptacon” 5:01
9. “Starstruck” 5:21
10. “Difficult for Weirdos” 4:29
11. “Won’t Do That” 3:38
12. “Superblind” 4:46
13. “Morning Sun (Reprise)” 1:19

Very pleased that Robbie is back on top form, can’t wait for the album, and I really look forward to the possibility of him gigging again in the very near future!



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