Electric Dreams [1984]

Yesterday, I watched classic geek film – ‘Electric Dreams‘ and I have to confess, I absolutely loved it!


I’m a huge geek anyway, and so for what constitues as a romance story, forget your Dirty Dancings, Bodyguards or Officer and a Gentlemans – this is the geeky, and thus ultimate, love story heh!!

The story of a young man who falls in love with his beautiful upstairs neighbour. The only problem is that his computer shares his taste in women, and will do anything to have her to ‘himself’. Features original songs performed by Giorgio Moroder, Jeff Lynne, Phil Oakey, Heaven 17, and Boy George and Culture Club.

It has recently been re-mastered and put onto DVD, though I cannot find a suitable quality trailer for the movie to post. Instead, I have included ‘Together In Electric Dreams’, which was a hit written/performed by Girgio Moroder and Phil Oakley and comes from the film itself  (the whole soundtrack to the movie is a classic in my opinion!).

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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