Mister Greg’s 30th Birthday in Brighton

So, dear old Greg turned 30 the other day, and to celebrate I organised a secret day out in Brighton with all of our fabulous friends!


I had a right old time trying to get him out of bed so early in the morning; he was having none of it! I’d promised him a ‘Birthday Breakfast’ as a cover for me still being home that morning, so he looked quite disheartened when I chucked a croissant at him and started pecking at him to get ready heh.

The most fun part of the surprise came when I managed to confuse him with all of the connections that we made via rail to try and get to London Bridge. Needless to say, when we got to London Bridge and he saw everyone, he was very surprised, and also thrilled! Yay!

There were 10 of us in total, so we were able to make use of the GroupSave discount that is offered on groups of 3/4 travelling together (essentially you pay for 2 and then get either 1 or 2 respective tickets free!).

The train ride down was a little busy (apparently half the World was descending on Brighton that weekend!) but I love travelling by train, and I love doing it with large groups of friends, so it was lots of fun!

When we got there we headed straight down to the pier to indulge in fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and butter and a glass of champagne! All for a very reasonable price of £12.95! Marvellous! Anyone who is heading to Brighton would be recommended to stop in here for lunch/tea!

After that we decided to crash on the beach for a bit and, with a few friends, Greg and I decided that we wanted to go for a swim in the sea! Cue much kerfuffle whilst we went to source some swimming shorts, flipflops (ugh!) and the obligatory beach ball heh.  Footwear is definitely needed to cope with the pebbles on Brighton beach!

The sea was lovely and warm, though I discovered that I may need to grow a little before the next time I go into the sea… I took an absolute battering from all of the high waves heh!! We also managed to do our very own rendition of the YMCA whilst in the sea (thinking back, I’m horrified to think of how many people may have been staring heh)… and at one point, our swimming shorts simply *cough* fell off!

Once we’d had enough of the beach, we headed to The Amsterdam (I’m not a fan I’m afraid) and had a few relaxing drinks whilst some of us watched the end of the Wimbledon men’s  final, before heading back onto the pier so that the gang could have a go on the dodgems.

We decided to grab some tea on the way back at a lovely little restaurant, which was in a square serenaded by an opera singer! I say an opera singer… more of an opera busker… but to call it that cheapens it I reckon heh! It was lovely to sit there with friends, eating, drinking, relaxing, reviewing the fabulous day and listening to her music! She tried to do a rendition of ‘Barcelona’, but strangely always cut out the word ‘Barcelona’ from her performance for some reason heh!!

All in all, we had a tiring but absolutely magnificent day, and our sincere thanks go out to all of our friends who came along, and to those who wanted to come along but could not make it. I have a lovely golden brown colour to me (as does Greg) – amazing what just one unintentional day in the sun can do for you! Personally, I think that it was one of the best days that I have ever had down here, I enjoyed myself THAT much, and I am very very pleased that Greg really enjoyed his birthday!

A selection of pictures from the day follows below:


We held a pow-wow to assess the notion of going into sea heh!
We held a pow-wow to assess the notion of going into sea heh!


Confidence levels, perhaps foolishly, certainly have increased this summer (see previous blog posts!) - whoop!

(previous posts)

Just like I said... they just FELL OFF!
Just like I said... they just *FELL OFF!*
Mister Greg (r) and I
Mister Greg (r) and I
I think that we ALL liked the totty behind us on the beach heh!
I think that we ALL liked the totty behind us on the beach heh!
More beach totty!
More beach totty!

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

2 Responses

  1. PJ

    Looks like a great day. Well done on getting everyone together for the trip and celebrations. Champers by the sea, sounds lovely.

    Give my belated birthday wishes to Mister Greg!


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