A good ol’ sing-a-long down London town!

Previously, I posted about plans by artist Luke Jerram to place pianos across the West End of London for the public to use.

On Wednesday night, I took Greg to see Sister Act, and when we came out of the theatre, we happened upon one of the pianos at the top of Carnaby Street. No joke, there were literally around 50 people there! It was remarkable and the ‘community spirit’ that was felt was fabulous! I never thought you could get such a reaction in London, and was very pleased to be proved wrong.

Moving down from Manchester, I’d hoped that London would all be East-End style sing-alongs on street corners, so it was great for that to finally be realised, even if it is slightly engineered heh!

We were very lucky to have a pianist who seemed to know every song every written!

Below are a few clips that I shot… I am going to sincerely apologise now, as my voice comes across rather prominently on them! This is why I report on musical theatre, and don’t appear in it heh! I’m a terrible singer, I grant you, however I am usually much better than this! It was disconcerting as the public didn’t always know the lyrics to the songs, so I had no idea where they were going with the song, plus it was rather late at night heh! Next time I encounter one, I’ll do better, I promise 😛

And of course, we had to go for a bit of the National Anthem! How marvellous!

(if you are unable to see the above vimeos, please view the actual blog page in your broswer,  otherwise they can be picked up directly on my vimeo channel; http://vimeo.com/darkaeon)

I do have a few smaller clips that I’ve not posted, some great harmonies on them and whatnot, especially on the West End songs!

All in all, absolutely fabulous experience and probably the best thing that I’ve done in London!

For my birthday, I’d just love a group of friends around a piano and a night of songs… someone please make that happen!!

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