Final thoughts on Spring Awakening

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Last night, I went back to watch Spring Awakening for what will no doubt be my last time (very sad!).


Truly a spring to remember thanks to this wonderful musical. Whilst Spring Awakening has been with us, the West End became exciting, fun and really was ‘buzzing’. I still maintain that the West End is going to be much poorer without this musical still playing. It’s a pity that they couldn’t find a smaller venue to house it.

I have to say, this last time was absolutely the best time! We were sat in row E, right in front of the stage. I made eye contact with several of the cast members throughout the performance and, if I’d lunged, I probably could have grabbed the ever yummy Iwan Rheon (Moritz Stiefel) and ran away with him heh! 🙂

Being up close really demonstrated just how phenomenal these young actors are. Their faces were incredibly expressive and I will confess to being moved to tears several times in the production.

I went last night with a friend, Ade, who hadn’t been to see it previously, and whilst it was unfortunate that he wasn’t bowled over by it, I found it really good to (finally!) see some criticism of the show, as perhaps I had been a little too ‘this is perfect’ in my prior reviews. We both agreed that the gun shot scene could actually have done with a gunshot to finish it off, rather than the lights just dropping. In a show that deals with the themes that it does, it seems strange that they chose to avoid that.

When I first went to see this production, I loved how the story unfolded and my jaw dropped several times; which very rarely happens. I think that the show still manages to maintain this, however, and again as a result of discussions last night, I think that Wendla’s demise could also have been announced in a far deeper fashion than it was.

Without doubt, Moritz Stiefel is my favourite character in *any* musical. Everybody loves the cute, tragically tormented and innocent underdog, right? 😛 I really loved the depth of his character, and I think that Iwan Rheon has excelled himself in becoming Stiefel. When the musical abruptly turns to tragedy, he dies, and during ‘Left Behind’, I am always in floods! If he does not receive a theatrical award for his performance, I will be very shocked. I truly have never seen a character like it in a musical.

That said, the whole cast is absolutely phenomenal. Most of them are making their West End debuts. If this is the standard of acting to come in the West End then I am VERY excited! Across all of my visits to the show, I could not say that I’ve seen one duff performance, and really do wish them all well for the future. It’s hard to see any of them not being top musical theatre names in the future, and I’m sure we’ve not heard the last of any of them.

It seemed apt to close my posting and my thoughts on Spring Awakening with a copy of the lyrics from ‘The Song Of Purple Summer’:

And All Shall Fade
The Flowers of Spring
The World and all the Sorrows
At the heart of everything

But still it stays
The butterfly sings
And opens purple summer
With a flutter of its wings

The earth will wave with corn
The grey-fly choir will mourn
And mare will neigh
With Stallions that they mate
Foals they’ve born

And all shall know the wonder of purple summer…..

And yet i wait
The swallow brings
A song too hard to follow
That no one else can sing

The fences sway
The porches swing
The clouds begin to thunder
Crickets wander murmuring

The earth will wave with corn
The grey-fly choir will mourn
And mares with neigh
With stallions that they mate
Foals they’ve born

And all shall know the wonder
I will sing the song of purple summer.

And All shall know the wonder
I will sing the song of purple summer.

All shall know the wonder of purple summer…

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