Spring Awakening to close early!

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Spring Awakening (Novello Theatre, London)  has posted an early closing notice for 30th May 2009.

This has got to be the worst theatrical news of the year so far!!!

Spring Awakening is, in my opinion, a fantastic piece of musical theatre, well written and vastly under-appreciated it would seem.

I think that it has suffered from the same success as RENT usually does… i.e. lots of people are cult fans and will go time and time again, however once the first few weeks have gone and everyone’s rushed to see it, audience figures are not sustained (despite rave reviews).

Spring Awakening was always an unlikely musical, however I had thought that Londoners and those visiting the West End had really taken to the musical. I’ve not seen the public so physically excited about a show before as this… people that I perhaps wouldn’t have associated with enjoying going to the theatre were actively talking about it with each other and quite a few people even asked for my opinion on it. The upshot of all this hype was great and generated a big buzz across Theatreland – especially amongst younger people. The absence of the big marketing campaigns (such as those recently seen for Sister Act) really did make the aura surrounding the show a feel like a ‘real’ buzz and not just media hype.

I especially liked the way that this production utilised social media and it’s ticket pricing system, and personally, it was great to follow the show from the Lyric all the way to the Novello. The use of cast members ‘tweeting’ on twitter during the rest periods in the show was especially innovative.

I did send out a few messages to friends last night to say that I’d heard that audience figures were well below capacity, however even I didn’t think closure would come this quickly (and 5 months early!) 

I don’t know about anyone else, however I for one am determined to go and see this again!

In my opinion, the West End will be a much poorer place for the loss of this musical, and I do hope that it is replaced at the Novello with something of equal calibre.

I would also hope that we are still to get the rumoured movie production that was announced by McG a few weeks ago.

Hopefully the cast (who, in my opinion, are amazing) will all be snapped up quickly by other projects!

Production statement:

“It is with overwhelming regret that we have had to announce the closure of Spring Awakening. We remain incredibly proud of the production and the remarkable cast members who have put their hearts and souls into every performance. Despite the most positive critical response to a theatrical production in recent years, the enthusiasm of the media, accessible ticket pricing and the incredible response audiences give the show each night, simply not enough tickets are being sold. We are grateful to all of the people who have supported the show and to those who have worked so tirelessly and passionately throughout the run. We also salute all of those involved who have made efforts in the last few days in an attempt to avoid this unfortunate outcome. We simply urge everyone to see this wonderful musical, and its extraordinary cast, before it finishes”

Thank you for all your support, we do hope you’re able to come and see the show before its final performance”

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