More Doctor Who-ness!

Whilst getting all excited for Planet Of The Dead (screening tonight, BBC ONE, 18:45 BST), I have been watching the last series via BBC Three.

Last night culminated in the ‘Journey’s End’ and ‘The Next Doctor’ episodes… and something in ‘Journey’s End struck me, especially as Tennant’s departure had not yet been announced…

Bad Wolf Bay

There is now a part timelord-part human version of the Doctor in Rose’s parallel world. If she managed to get back into our world, then no doubt the part-human doctor will also be able to at time of crisis etc. Therefore, it lends itself, does it not, to the possibility of the door being left open for Tennant to do some cameo appearances/come back if he chose to do so?

Unless, of course, they kill part-human Doctor off in the 4th special this year (as one would imagine that the whole cast (inc. his double and Rose) would be there to bid farewell to Tennant?)

Maybe other people cottoned on to that much earlier than I did, I had to wait for the repeats to re-view these episodes and my memory is naff sometimes heh! The one thing I love about Doctor Who – there’s so much speculation, it really does grab your imagination!

This clip has got to be my favourite of ANY Doctor Who episode:

Yes, it is terribly self-indulgent, congratulatory, and victorious, and Donna’s line is a little cheesy and mis-placed, however the ‘Song of Freedom’ is absolutely gorgeous on the ears and the clip manages to move me absolutely everytime I see it. It’s especially great to see them all together in the TARDIS. I don’t think that they’ll ever be able to recreate that feeling for me in any future episodes, though I really am looking forward to the new series.

For anyone following me on twitter, I probably will not be tweeting throughout the new episode, Planet Of The Dead, tonight as I want to take it all in! I will, however, create a blog post in the next few days 🙂 Anyone who is leaving a comment, please DO NOT post any spoilers. Thanks!

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