Doctor Who – Planet Of The Dead (Trailer)

Yes, yes, yes, this has been floating around for weeks now (though judging by the amount of RT’s my tweet received, I was one of the first people to start spreading it around twitter it would seem (thanks to @thestage)) – I just thought that now I’ve found a little time for my blog again that I’d post a copy of the trailer on here.

Initial thoughts (and please don’t shoot me!) – the trailer makes it looks a little tacky… mainly because of the block colour and  ‘special effects’ – it all looks too green-screen/fake and rather ‘American-ised’.  Having said that, Michelle Ryan did say that they filmed a lot of it in Dubai, and so perhaps it’s just the post-production that hasn’t done it any favours (and I’m sure the episode will be cleaner than the trailer!). Also, I’ve never been to Dubai, so maybe the deserts genuinely are that yellow(?)

This will also be the first episode to be available in HD… so one would presume that the effects will definitely be awesome and prolific throughout the episode!

Not too sure what I make of Michelle Ryan as the companion… one thing that we all learnt from Catherine Tate, don’t judge before you see them in the role as, actually (and in Catherine Tate’s case!) she may turn out to be your favourite one!

Very much looking forward to the new episode, especially as this is the beginning of the end for David Tennant’s Doctor. I reckon that we’re in for a cracking episode come Christmas!!

For those who simply cannot wait, The Stage have done a video interview (not to disimilar in style to Confidential) with David Tennant and Michelle Ryan as a build up to the screening. The video interview can be accessed HERE.

Doctor Who ‘Planet Of The Dead’ screens on BBC One on Saturday 11th April 2009, 18:45 BST

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