Mamma Mia – Comic Relief!

Part 1

Part 2

I thought that this was absolutely fabulous!!

The ‘casting’ was spot on – Dawn French as Julie Walters definitely sold it for me hehe, Lumley and Saunders were also hilarious. I do hope that this isn’t the end of French & Saunders, despite what they’re currently saying.

Congrats to everyone involved on raising £58 million on the night (plus all the money that’s yet to come in!)- it was remarkable, one of those moments that makes you proud to be British and all that! The charity videos last night certainly touched me, and so I am so pleased that we’ve collectively managed to raise so much money and I hope that it really does start to make a positive difference to those benefiting from the Comic Relief projects, and those who are yet to benefit from one.

This was the first time that I actually properly watched these videos and I really cannot believe how well made and moving they were. Needless to say, they made me want to do a lot more than I currently do, though I still feel a little bad as I really don’t have any spare time at the moment. That said, in light of this and my inability to actively support them, I have decided to set up a few standing orders for various charities that I would like to support, Comic Relief being one of them.

We certainly had a lot of fun at work for Comic Relief… for some reason though, I was voted the person who looked most like Gok Wan (WTF?!), and therefore was sent to the shops to procure a nice dress for a (male) member of the department whom we had cajoled/pretty-much-forced into wearing a dress for Comic Relief sponsorship. Alas, it would be very unfair to post the pictures, though kudos to him for having the balls to do it – bless him!

Only two years until the next Comic Relief – bring it on!

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