Il Divo – O2 Arena

I went to see Il Divo t’other night at the O2 Arena with Mister Greg.

A rather good night all in all, here’s a few photos that I managed to take:

280220093319 - Il Divo

280220093320 - Il Divo

280220093325 - Il Divo

280220093326 - Il Divo

280220093330 - Il Divo

280220093349 - Il Divo

280220093354 - Il Divo

280220093384 - Il Divo

280220093388 - Il Divo

I also managed to get a shot of the Great Unwashed before they all legged it for refreshments (both singular and plural versions of the word!)


As for Il Divo themselves, my favourite song is probably ‘Power Of Love’ (they also had a really good back-drop of a moving cityscape at night behind them, was really nice to watch.

All in all, both Mister Greg and I enjoyed this concert and had a fab time. I can’t say that I was overwhelmed by it, however I am a sucker for good orchestration, and to be fair, Il Divo usually have that going for them if nothing else!


Overture (The Power of Love, Caruso, Heroe)
Regresa a Mi
La Promessa
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Senza Catene
Notte di Luce


Va Todo al Ganador
Without You
Pourque Tu M’aimes Encore
Every Time I Look at You
La Vida Sin Amor
The Power of Love
My Way


Amazing Grace
The Impossible Dream

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