James Blunt : O2 Arena

I was offered tickets for the James Blunt concert on Tuesday 14th October 2008 recently, and was rather pleased to get them. Although I’m not a huge fan of the man himself, I do rather like some of his songs, and especially his use of the piano in his music.

Therefore, I cannot say that I was disappointed with his concert earlier this week; more relieved to find that I really enjoyed it after all!

However, the support act (Teddy Thompson) was terrible, his songs were repetitive, he had no idea of how to address to a crowd, was rather rude and ignorant, and to be honest, he bored me rigid. Greg however, thought the opposite to me it would seem. Grrr @ him :oP

By the time Blunt came on, I was ready for a bit of action to be perfectly frank, and, although the gig was a little slow in warming up, by the time that he jumped from the stage at the front and ran through the masses towards the sound desk at the rear of the arena so that he could surface on a piano in the middle of the audience, I was well and truely captivated!

I was rather pleased to find that my favourite James Blunt song (1973) was saved for the encore and I really liked the rendition of it that they ended with. I must apologise to all those sat around me in the suite as I was a little vocal in my ‘singing’ hehe!

All in all, a grand evening and one which I really (and surprisingly!) enjoyed!

I figured that I’d wrap the post up by posting a few of my favourite James Blunt songs below…

(“1973” – My fave!)

(“Carry You Home”)


(“You’re Beautiful”)

(“Goodbye My Lover”)

Thanks for reading! x

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