A Domestic Goddess

Yes folks, you read that right, I am feeling like a domestic goddess!

I was up at 7am paying bills online and sorting out other bill-related things before work. I then came home from work, popped straight to Sainsbury’s to pick up some bread and sandwich fillers so that I can take toast for breakfast and sandwiches and an apple for lunch to work tomorrow. Once home, I set about cooking myself a nice meal (which is rare, as I never normally cook for myself), did all of the washing up, and decided to plan and iron my outfit for tomorrow so that it’s there when I wake up. I’ve just gotten out of the shower (see picture below… and NO! it’s not THAT sort of picture hehe) and am snuggled in bed watching Skins and then Stargate Atlantis. I should be in bed by 23:00 – 23:30. Tomorrow evening I will tidy up and hoover as well as make packed lunch again etc.

I know the above may all seem like normal to most folk, but for me this is something that I’ve not yet done in London… I think I’m starting to settle! I only used to be this  housewifey when in Manchester and so I think that finally my circumstances feel right, I’m feeling happy again, and thus the wall between London and I is starting to come down. It’s only taken 9 months hehe.

Ooooh wait.. it’s official!…after hearing about my new role as “Domesticated Goddess to the stars”, celebrity housewife Ms. Anthea Turner just called me up on the telephone, she’s shitting herself apparantly! I told her that I may be domesticated but she can clean her own fear by-product away! Filthy bitch! :oP

Just came cross this cool retro Natwest advert, figured I’d post it as I rather like it!

Shower Pic – How misty do I need to make the bathroom?!?! hehe

How misty?!

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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