Losing My Religion

OK, so I just realised that I have been playing this song over and over for the past hour!

R.E.M’s Losing My Religion really does sum up the current way that I am feeling and has been one of those songs that has conversely always made me smile, completely kick back and forget about my problems for a while, and just sing my lil heart out. I like the fact that there’s the juxtaposition of the singer feeling so vulnerable and upset about something, things which we tend to keep hidden, but yet he’s expressing those feelings through this fantastic and hugely popular song, normalising them and making them acceptable.

There’s a few other songs that I like at the moment, those who know me rather well will know that I am really into my music and if I could put a soundtrack to my life together, I would! It’s one of the reasons I always have my last.fm on as I find it fascinating to see how much my moods affect my music habits and whatnot. Plus I am a stats geek heh!

Currently the below songs are also helping me through this rough patch…

This is by Hollywood Music and is called ‘Feel Good Song’. It comes pre-loaded onto most of the Nokia N-Series phones and is my current ringtone (SAD I know :oP)

Evanescence – My Imortal

Evanescence = Bring Me To Life (I love the lyric ‘wake me up inside… save me from the nothing I’ve become’)

Evanescence – Haunted (used in the fantastic RPG game Kingdom Hearts)

Mika – Any Other World (No official video yet, but I saw that someone’s set it to Final Fantasy clips – Yay!!)

Mika – Happy Ending – this has been my ultimate break up song and I’ve been playing it for the last two months solidly – the lyrics, the balance of harmonies, the delicacy of performance… I find it powerful stuff… in a good way though. This song has really helped me out with one issue and has become one of my firm favourites.

Speaking of music, I promised you ‘orrible lot a Westlife post (which I bet you’re all hanging on the edge of your seats for…!! heh!), and so I’m afraid you may have to wait until tomorrow for that one. I’m going to settle down with Skins for the evening and hope to catch a few glimpses of Maxxie (I think there may be a phwoar Maxxie post coming up tomorrow too! hehe).

 Thanks, as always, for reading xx 

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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