Manchester Pride 2006 – Review

Manchester Pride 2006:

Ello pop pickers!

Been waiting for a few Manchester Pride pictures to turn up on the internet before writing this year’s event up!

I’ve not actually been onto the Pride site itself this year as I object to paying to get into my local bar, when I have already made a charitable donation to purchase a ticket! They say that the money on the doors of each bar go to the Operation Fundraiser…. but do ALL of the monies get there…? Happy to pay to get into the village, but not to boost the profits of some corporate bar on the back of a community event! Oooo how political am I? I should join the Lib Dems and do a bit of cottaging!

Plus I worked it last year with work, and so just the thought of the place makes me feel tired lol!!!

The Parade itself was good! A lot of the people from last year were there, with some new additions!

Probably the best floats/entries were the “Our Mirriam’s A Lezzer” guys, the 1950 Salford Ladies – with catchy bill boards such as “Rings are for Fingers”, and “Free Shirley Bassey”, and also the Emergency Services – esp the police department who win the campest entry in my eyes with the whole force being accompanied byt he theme music to Starsky and Hutch! ow kitsch!!

My Marc was also in the parade again this year – which was very cool!

Definately the most organised parade in recent years! Thoroughly enjoyable! Always makes me very proud to see 250,000 people lining the streets of Manchester to watch probably the biggest pride event in the UK!

Click to to visit the official Manchester Pride website – which should have further pictures soon!

Roll on Manchester Pride 2007!!!

Gari x

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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