Over The Rainbow – Alternates

With all of the ‘Over The Rainbow’ love at the moment, thanks to Lord Lloyd-Webber’s new casting show on the BBC, I thought that I’d take his opportunity to share some alternate Oz-esque loving with ya’ll! First up, the legendary Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole with his classic version of Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World: I remember […]

Lee Mead to star as Fiyero in Wicked

Yet more theatre related news for you my thespian chums – Lee Mead is going to be staring as Fiyero in the West End production of Wicked (Apollo Victoria) from Monday 10th May onwards. Quite a good casting choice in my opinion, he looks the part and has a voice that would be right for […]


This morning my iPod seems to have turned evil! (yes, I did just adjust my photo using MS Paint…! Well…someone still has to be the one to use it! :P) Whilst singing along rather wildly to Wicked’s “Defying Gravity” in my head, I promptly slipped and nearly fell into the gap between the train and […]

Andrew Lloyd Webber is looking for Dorothy

It would appear that Andrew Lloyd Webber IS going to press ahead with his Wizard Of Oz show, despite initially changing his mind (a few times) due to commitments with ‘Love Never Dies’. Very bad decision in my opinion and, despite my enormous adulation for musical theatre, I really think this will be a turkey. […]

The Tony Awards 2009

So, the Tony Awards are happening over at the world-renowned Radio City Music Hall in New York tonight, and I have to say, the build-up this year seems to have been huge! All of the information regarding the broadcast, along with very good quality clips from the nominated musicals/plays and all of the nomination details, […]