Manchester (10th & 11th August 2010)

I’m just back from a trip back home to Manchester and, once again, I’m struck by just how much I love my home city! This feeling was made even more apparent to me as the main purpose of the trip was to show Joseph just how fantastic good ol’ Manchester is. Joe told me whilst […]

Manchester – July 2009

I have just returned from spending two days (one night) back home in Manchester  – and am feeling much better for it! I decided to go up on a whim as a hotel room in a Travelodge was £19 for the night, and train fare was only £5.30 each way, so for those kind of […]

Jamelia – Superstar

One of the best summer songs of the noughties, yeah? I can remember that this song came out when I was working for Poptastic in the Village in Manchester back in 2003 (has it really been 6 years?!)… always used to be the song that got me in the mood once I was at work […]

David Guetta – ‘When Love Takes Over’

I have a feeling that this song is going to form a key part of the soundtrack to my summer! Really good song, great sound to it and some powerful vocals provided by Kelly Rowland. I can easily see this being played in all of the clubs, especially those in the Village in Manchester (we […]