GLEE – River Deep, Mountain High

OK, so you need to totally forget ALL of the other Glee performances that I said were my absolute favourites, for Season 2, Episode 4 (Duets) now has my absolute favourite of all of them in it – Santana and Mercedes’ cover of River Deep Mountain High! The Tina-manerisms are absolutely fantastic!!! 😀 hehe! Watched […]

Tina Turner – HELP! / Tonight

This morning, my Spotify has been loving Dame Tina of Turnips. I came across her recording of HELP! (originally by The Beatles) and I have to say that I absolutely love it! … I’m also very much liking Tonight, which she recorded with David Bowie (incidentally, who had originally written it with Iggy Pop). 1984 […]

Bryan Adams – So Far So Good

”So Far So Good’, a compilation of Bryan Adams’ greatest hits (as at 1993), has to be one of my all-time favourite albums. Even now, I can still remember being 13/14 years old and having the sheet music to the songs on the album and playing along to it with my keyboard. I was obsessed! […]