Gari’s Discs

For those who were fans of the discs (which have finally left my blog after 4 years and a lot of people protesting to save them, ha!) – you’ll be pleased to hear that on Christmas Day 2011, I went out and took an updated picture of them. Apologies for Max’s grainy camera work, and […]

I have a gigantic…

… CD collection! 😛 Prior to the move, I have decided that I need to get rid of most of my CDs in order to free up dead space, and am currently engaged on a mammoth project to try to rip them all to my iMac’s hard drive (I am doing it at the highest […]

Google Doodle – Happy 65th Freddie!

I think that most people on the planet probably know that I am a huge Queen / Freddie fan! (they’re both very separate things, incidentally :P) – I certainly shout out about it often enough hehe! I LOVE the epic and geeky Google Doodle that has been put together to celebrate what would have been […]

Over half a million views!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Although statistics for my blog are not overly important to me, as I choose not to monetize etc, what does matter to me is all the people who take time to visit my site! 🙂 Whether it’s a quick look at some half-naked totty, or if you’re here to read a theatre review, or […]