Windows 7

So, forget your Apple fanboys, I am proud to stand up with the growing masses and say that I am now a Windows fanboy! I recently installed Windows 7 Professional as my edition of Vista Home Premium was really starting to grind to a halt. Unlike many, I didn’t really have too many issues with […]

JLS 3D Video Preview

Following on from my post about Channel 4’s 3D TV Week, they have now released a preview of a JLS music video which will also be aired as part of the season. This is the first real preview of how it’s all going to look – if you’ve already got your glasses from Sainsbury’s, then […]

Cyborg technology soon to take over?!

As a huge class-A geek, I absolutely love the idea of Augmented Reality (AR) – I think it could have so many uses in real-life, and so I look forward to following the success of these kind of products further. Click the ‘source’ link to see several videos of AR in action and to get […]

Help required – iPod/iTunes/

UPDATE: Issue resolved,’s scrobbler was to blame – TSK! Taking the unusual step of using my blog to ask for help on the below issue (as I am completely bewildered by the intricacies of iTunes at the moment). Here’s hoping that something comes of it! 😀 Thanks folks!! x UPDATE: Issue resolved,’s scrobbler […]

iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation (Apple)

I have to say right off the bat, I am very impressed with this! This is my first Apple product… I am usually hesitant to buy blindly into brands (it’s all about the product for me), especially brands that are popular en masse, and so when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday […]