300K :-D

We made it! 😀 For anyone still a little baffled by this post, this evening we have easily smashed through the most conservative of numbers from of my range of blog statistics – meaning that this now puts the total visits to pages on http://garidavies.me.uk at well over 300,000! Thank you SO much to all […]


I am very pleased to report that this blog saw its 250,000th visitor last night! 😀 Ever the chap working in accounting (so forecasts and ‘budgets’ come naturally), it happened pretty much exactly when I thought it would, 23:45 on Friday night – a nice bit of excitement for a quiet Friday night in, and […]

Happy Birthday Gari’s Blog!

Today marks the second anniversary of this blog…. woo! It’s been a fab two years, with over a quarter of a million visitors (a conservative WordPress estimate; other counters reckon as many as 400k unique visits). I’ve blogged about countless topics ranging from my first love, musical theatre, through to hawties such as Aaron Johnson; […]

Twitter: Wordle

Big fan of statistics, and so when I stumbled across Wordle, it was like having found an additional Christmas present heh! The image below shows a representation of all of the most popular things that I tweet about and the people I tend to respond to most: You can click to enlarge the image if […]

Twitter – TweetCloud

As an avid and long-time fan of twitter, I was rather pleased to find an application called ‘TweetCloud‘ which essentially tries to collate all your tweets for a given time period, and let you know the words that you’ve tweeted the most. My stats were as below: