Underborough (Neighbours skit)

Love, love, LOVE this Neighbours skit! Submitted to the Logies as an ‘Underbelly’ style comedy skit, it was deemed ‘too risque’ and was not aired. I really enjoy how many random clips and spin-off bits that the Neighbours guys record, such good fun. I want to live on Ramsay Street – someone make it happen!! […]

Neighbours (UK schedule) – Rachel Kinski’s departure

Just watched Rachel Kinski’s departure on Neighbours… blimey! I didn’t cry *too* much when Stingray died, I didn’t even sniffle when Harold left (though did get a warm fuzzy feeling!), however this departure had me in bits! I just couldn’t stop sniffling! Very well done I thought, and such a pity that Caitlin Stasey (who […]