SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: The Studio Ghibli Collection

Many will know, I am a big fan of Ghibli (and especially so of the soundtracks to the films – Joe Hisaishi is awesome!!), and so I figured that it was time that the World had a Spotify playlist – a collective of some of the songs that have come out of The Studio Ghibli Collection […]

SPOTIFY: The Greatest Rock Ballads In The World… Ever!

[Click Me for the Collaborative Spotify Playlist] Many people will know that I am someone who has a huge appreciation for music, and that it’s rare for me not to actually have music around me. And, whilst I absolutely adore my musical theatre stuff, I equally love my 70s and 80s rock music (and it […]

SPOTIFY: Musical Theatre Selection

Someone asked me t’other day to recommend them an album that they could listen to from the world of musical theatre, and of course I replied that that would be impossible – there are simply just too many of them! What I have done instead, and you can all take this as your Christmas present […]