Been a bit of a while since I last posted an update, and this was a totally unscheduled one, if I am honest, but I have just had a moment of absolute clarity; the kind that probably only comes around a few times in a lifetime… Just said goodbye to Max, after spending pretty much […]

Patrick Wolf – The City

OMG, OMG, OMG Ā *orgasms to death in a hugely-sticky-but-tragically-beautiful-corpse-kinda-way* heh! I am a HUGE Patrick Wolf fan, and I am loving the official video that has come out for his forthcoming single ‘The City‘ (which has to be one of my favourites, such an awesome gorgeous sound!) šŸ˜€   The Guardian, who had the video […]

World Of Warcraft: Introducing CRINX

So, after much deliberation on my part, I’ve finally allowed myself to be pulled into the swirling time vortex that is World Of Warcraft. Currently I’m rolling a Level 9 Gnome MageĀ called Crinx – partly due to his wrinkly crinkly nature, and also because my boyfriend has started up a new character namedĀ Brinx to play […]