Kylie – Get Out Of My Way

LOVE! This is the brand new, just been released, video for Kylie’s forthcoming single, Get Out Of My Way. You can never go wrong with topless hawties in my opinion – and red outfit is clearly filthy Kylie!! Totally my new commuter song (complete with that fabulous little ‘get out of my way’ hand-flap!) 😛

Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers – Official Video

WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW! Love it – super hawt video, loving that they’ve got so many gays in there (and kissing/touching too!) and that huge floating elephant (which I am still a little baffled about – though it is a white elephant, which has a lot of connotations of it being a personally valuable object […]

Moby – In This World / Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)

I absolutely love the song In This World by Moby, and the video that goes with it. There’s just so much that you can take from the video and many elements that I feel that I can identify with quite a bit, and of course those aliens are super cute! Alas the song only got […]

JLS 3D Video Preview

Following on from my post about Channel 4’s 3D TV Week, they have now released a preview of a JLS music video which will also be aired as part of the season. This is the first real preview of how it’s all going to look – if you’ve already got your glasses from Sainsbury’s, then […]